JCI European Academy vom 18.08.2017 bis 21.08.2017 (= 4 Tage)

Göteborg, Schweden
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18.08.2017 - 21.08.2017 (= 4 Tage)

JCI European Academy aims to increase the understanding and co-operation between future leaders from different countries. Our goal is to establish a forum of representatives from all over Europe to facilitate an exchange of experiences, knowledge, culture and values.


  • To enhance the qualitative development of management, increase the understanding and co-operation of future leaders in various countries.
  • To stimulate the creation of new networks.
  • To support an intra-European exchange and to set up mutual projects.
  • To create long-term growth and development of the JCI spirit in Europe, starting at the LOM-level.
  • To offer a high quality training with the purpose of increasing professionalism within JCI and the individual’s professional life.
  • To raise awareness of JCI’s Corporate Identity and programs.

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